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Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid

From City to River

Designed by Zaha Hadid, the Riverside Museum in Glasgow was her first major building to be completed in the UK. The Noë & Associates team worked in collaboration with the design team at the Museum and Zaha Hadid’s team in London, on the concept and design of the identity, signage and wayfinding solutions at the museum. The European Museum of the Year, the Riverside Museum’s visitor figures exceeded all expectations, resulting in the signage system being tried and tested by an exceptional one million people per year.

Scope: Identity, Guidelines, Signage and Wayfinding.

Flowing from City to Waterfront

The building—which is reminiscent of a wave—is open at both ends. It creates a journey between the city and the river through an open and column free exhibition space. This column free environment required an innovative, modular and movable signage system which would encourage the circulatory flow throughhout 150 displays and become integrated with the architecture itself.

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From City to River