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2000 Ocean

An Elevated Landscape, an Elevated Life

On a pristine stretch of white sand dunes and sea grapes, an architectural marvel is quietly rising. 2000 Ocean, by Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos, conceived as a private residential enclave, is highly sophisticated and offers not only an elevated landscape, but an elevated life. Located just north of South Florida’s Golden Beach, this contemporary, 38-story glass tower showcases panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and surrounding endless sandy beaches. Proudly positioned on the beach, and closer to the ocean than any of its neighbors, it is bathed with sunlight from sunrise to sunset. 64 families will have the privilege to call 2000 Ocean, a property that signifies prestige and quality, their home. Adding beauty and opulence to the Atlantic coastline, there is truly nothing else like it.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Identity, Guidelines, Advertising, Literature, Stationery, Renders, Animations, Film, Photography, Art Direction, Copywriting, Sales Gallery Design, Website, Marketing Software, Production.
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“The project seamlessly connects the expansive oceanfront horizon line with the dramatic skyline ofthe city. At the heart of this intersection is a lush, unexpected landscape.”

Andrea Steele, TEN Arquitectos
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“Architecture is not only about buildings; it’s about creating space.”

Enrique Norten, TEN Arquitectos
2000 1
A Space to Explore

Noë & Associates was commissioned to create the brand, content and all applications for 2000 Ocean. This included creating all content including CGIs, animations, film, and photography of the team, process and materials. The interiors of 2000 Ocean express space in lyrical terms, each floor plan has private elevator access, designed to smooth transitions between private and communal rooms. Working with Ten Arquitectos, the Noë & Associates team designed a stand alone sales gallery which reflected this movement, reinforced by clean, open elegant lines of the project in a museum like space. In addition, Noë & Associates consulted with the client and with Minotti in designing the interior furniture layouts of all the apartments and public areas.

“Materiality isn’t just decorative. It’s placed according to natural human responses to sound, light, heat, and energy.”

Andrea Steele, TEN Arquitectos
Materials Choice

Since its inception in 1986, TEN Arquitectos has advanced a distinctive brand of modernism that embraces the power of simple geometries while pushing the limits of composition and scale. With over 90 employees working in offices in Mexico City and New York, the firm has realized its own intrepid vision of architecture come to life in cities around the world. To understand the studio, it’s important to look behind the buildings and meet their creators. In their New York City office of 25, there is no apparent hierarchy to the open-plan office comprising horizontal rows of modern computer stations and work desks piled high with the beginnings of workable concepts. Models of new projects line the windowsills, shadowing over stacks of drawings. Some are done by hand, others by machine. It is an energetic workshop — the physical manifestation of collaborative thought.

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