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152 Elizabeth, Tadao Ando

The Master's Masterpiece

When Noë & Associates were approached by developer Sumaida + Khurana they talked about a vision to help create the brand and narrative—and to build the team to help articulate that narrative. All of this for a very special place designed by master architect Tadao Ando, with interiors by Michael Gabellini. Discussion points included the purity of ideas, refinement, reduction, context and application.

For a building to truly work, Ando believes there has to be a balance of its elements — not just between the light and the shadow, but also between the water, the greenery, the steel and the glass. About 152 Elizabeth, Ando says that “Every single thing has to be in harmony.”

Scope: Brand Strategy, Identity, Guidelines, Advertising, Literature, Stationery, Renders, Animations, Film, Photography, Art Direction, Copywriting, Sales Gallery Design, Website, Marketing Software, Production.
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Penthouse Render © Noë & Associates

“The emerging block in the North of Little Italy area looks like it might become one of the most elegant condo buildings the city has ever seen. Simple, self-effacing and beautifully proportioned, it is the work of Tadao Ando, the Japanese architect. The one-time boxer who is now revered as a creator of serene museums and impeccable concrete surfaces, has designed an intriguing building that combines his familiar motifs with something of Nolita’s particular blend of loft living and industrial construction.”

The Financial Times
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Documenting a Master

We wanted to create a voice, to educate those who were not familiar with Ando’s—and interior architect Michael Gabellini’s—work, and to tell a different story to those who were. When you first enter a Tadao Ando building the feeling of serenity and the quality of the most basic of materials are second to none.

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“His buildings have risen in Tokyo, Milan, Shanghai and even Butwal, Nepal, but Tadao Ando, the Japanese architect lauded for his artistry and elegance, has never designed one in New York City—until now.”

The New York Times
Materials Choice

We wanted to capture the feelings of serenity and quality with every touchpoint of the project, from the typography, to paper choices, to the way a drawer opens in the sales gallery. Our team all share a similar aesthetic vision and the fundamental value of doing things better. This project has been a reinforcement of the importance of ‘emptiness’ in both the visual and the  philosophical traditions of Japan and its application to design.

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“A living space should be a sanctuary. It has to be a place where you can reflect on your life.”

Tadao Ando
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“The word ‘luxury’ is so amorphous and anonymous. For us, this idea of luxury is how you think about fitting out a space with proportion, with a sense of materiality.”

Michael Gabellini
Sales Gallery
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