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Eighty Seven Park by Renzo Piano

A Thought Made Real

An idea floated; a thought made real. A place bound by land and sea, but rising free of both.

Located on the edge of parkland and the Atlantic Ocean, Eighty Seven Park creates a fresh dialogue within the vibrant community of Miami Beach. Seventy elegant homes that speak of light and air, designed by an architect with a poetic touch. It is an elemental approach, bringing together architecture, design and the natural landscape. It’s a collaborative approach too; developers Terra and Bizzi & Partners Development and their creative team sharing a passion for the city and a belief in the transformative power of good design. For Renzo Piano, Pritzker Prize-winning architect who lives and breathes his art, there’s a serenity to be found in the tension between sky and earth. A serenity that Eighty Seven Park captures so eloquently.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Identity, Guidelines, Advertising, Literature, Stationery, Renders, Animations, Film, Photography, Art Direction, Copywriting, Sales Gallery Design, Website, Marketing Software, Production.
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“What we’re expressing is that this building belongs to nature. The first time I visited the site, I sat on the sand, looking at the ocean, and you’re right in the middle of it. There’s nothing beyond. Just the ocean, the infinity of the sea.”

Renzo Piano
Materials Choice

It takes a special kind of architecture to capture this sense of transparency. From his earliest works, through his audacious Centre Georges Pompidou and on to his most recent work, London’s Shard or the Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth, Texas, Piano has understood the balance between light and shade, between simplicity and complexity. We wanted to celebrate this lightness through use of paper transparency, grids that interplayed with each other, singular typography and a limited color palette, which used white and clear space as much as possible. The eight lines of the identity, paired with their negative space, represent the sixteen floors of the building and are tinted green for the park on the lower floors and blue for the ocean views on the upper.

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Art Direction

The overarching brand concept of ‘Where Park Meets Ocean’ was captured beautifully working with photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya. The brief of ‘What do we see when our eyes are closed?’ brought an ethereal quality to all the images. This was complemented by Magnum photographer Alex Majoli’s unique take on Miami.

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“This building is made out of 16 decks, flying, those suspended decks catch the sound and light of the ocean. We are flying above the park.”

Renzo Piano
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