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The Future of the Human

Noë & Associates was commissioned by the Berggruen Institute to create Noēma – a new online content platform and annual journal dedicated to exploring the critical issues rapidly changing our world today. The platform includes essays, interviews, reportage, videos and art on the overlapping realms of philosophy, governance, geopolitics, economics, technology and culture.

Noēma shifts out of the usual lanes and crosses disciplines, social silos and cultural boundaries. From artificial intelligence and the climate crisis to the future of democracy and capitalism. Noēma grew out of a previous publication called The WorldPost, which was first a partnership with HuffPost and later with The Washington Post.

Scope: Design Strategy, Brand Identity, Naming, Print Design, Digital Design, Art Direction, Brand Guidelines.
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In ancient Greek, Noēma means “thinking” or the “object of thought.” And that is the intention of Noēma: to delve deeply into the critical issues transforming the world today.

Magazine System and Structure

In ancient Greek, ‘Noēma’ means ‘thinking’ or the ‘object of thought.’ And that is the intention of the platform: to delve deeply into the critical issues transforming the world today, at length and with historical context, in order to illuminate new pathways of thought in a way not possible through the immediacy of daily media. In this era of accelerated social change, there is a dire need for new ideas and paradigms to frame the world we are moving into.

With predominantly long form essays and interviews Noēma needed pace and visual punctuation. Working with some of the world’s most interesting image makers,  Noë & Associates decided that each written piece be paired with a visual artist to visually interpret the topic at hand. For the magazine a broad system of colour was introduced to create clear section divides and visual breaks throughout the journey. The issue was then divided into editorial themes, which were colour coded and were then allocated it’s own spot colour ink which was used for all of the body copy.

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Noēma reaches beyond narrow boundaries of academic disciplines and political agendas to elevate the quality of public discourse and cultural exchange.

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Exploring the manifold ways in which artificial intelligence and biotechnology challenge our established conceptions of what it means to be human.

The Great Accelaration

Noēma explores the transformations sweeping our world and seeks a deeper understanding of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Thoughtful, rigorous and adventurous voices permeate the publication. By commissioning and art directing all the illustrations to partner with these voices for this first issue, we challenged artists equally at the forefront of new expression, from @zawhatthe to @moonothing, to create original work that captured the publication’s concerns and critically unique approach.

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