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Armani Casa

Elegant Style, Sensual Spirit, in Perfect Harmony

Residences by Armani Casa marks the first ever collaboration between two giants of their craft; design legend, Giorgio Armani and architectural master, Cesar Pelli. Their seemingly effortless design draws on the natural beauty and broad horizons of this stunning Sunny Isles location. Noë & Associates were appointed to develop a multi-channel campaign to relaunch the project post completion. The brand’s essence ‘Elegant style and sensual spirit, in perfect harmony’, created the foundation for the project, with a range of assets supporting that principal which focused on simple lines and perfect proportions, precious materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Advertising, Photography, Art Direction, Copywriting, Website, Social Media, Direct Mail, Literature, Floor Plans, Film.

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“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focussed on the smallest detail.”

Giorgio Armani
Digital Experience

The new website becomes a place to learn about the design philosophy, showcase the product and learn about the array of on-site amenities. Our brand strategy elevates the messaging and visual language through a new product and lifestyle campaign. In addition, Noë & Associates created a film content series celebrating the wide ranging, sophisticated service offer within the building.

“Float inside and you enter a world of timeless sophistication, where elegance and artistry blend beautifully.”

Residences by Armani Casa, Sunny Isles
Capturing the Essence

Noë & Associates wanted to capture the beauty of the building and the residences in a way that really celebrate the spirit of the Armani Casa brand experience. Every space, material and detail within the project tells a story and attests to an original fusion of creativity, beauty and expert craftsmanship. Our content team produced a series of films to capture these elements, and to illuminate the lifestyle story of what it may be to live at this location. In conjunction, Noë & Associates art-directed photographer Eric Petschek, to develop a library of photography of the residences and their amenities.

Armani 04
200916 Ep Armanicasa 1439 Hires
200918 Ep Armanicasa 2466 Hires
200917 Ep Armanicasa 2161 V4 Hires
200918 Ep Armanicasa 2301 Hires
Armani 03
200914 Ep Armanicasa 327 Hires

“I successfully and independently expanded into sectors beyond fashion to offer my all-embracing philosophy of lifestyle. I can say this is an enormous achievement.”

Giorgio Armani
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Stories with integrity

Florida’s leading developers, The Related Group and Dezer Development, are the visionaries behind the project. Designing a project of this caliber involved ensuring every intricate detail upholds the standard and quality that the Armani brand and both development teams embody. Telling their stories and ambition were very important to communicate the integrity of the work and the product they have created at the Armani Residences.

“This building is the perfect combination of high fashion and five-star services and amenities, allowing homeowners to be immersed in luxury and enjoy ease of living.”

Jon Paul Pérez, President, Related Group
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