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Humanrace by Pharrell

Humanrace is a brand that looks to bridge the gap between wellness culture and street culture, creating an active, open community that inspires wellbeing for all. Based on the life lessons learnt by its founder, Pharrell Williams, expertise from true visionaries in the fields of physical and mental health, and inspiration from an eclectic collection of ‘Wellbeings’, the brand provides this community with the products, regimens and ideas that can promote positive and lasting change.

Humanrace Skincare is the first and most important product within the brand universe. It is an entirely custom-made and ethically produced range that epitomizes what the brand stands for. Noë & Associates worked as creative partner with the team to develop the brand strategy and launch the brand to market.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Identity Guidelines, Positioning, Art Direction, Photography, Packaging Design, Website Design, Social Media.
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“Humanrace is not about me, it’s about you. The one person you can’t lie to, who you see everyday. The one person you have to be honest with.”

Pharrell Williams
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“Take care of your skin. Take care of your family. Take care of your people. Take care of our planet.”

Pharrell Williams
Routine Pack and Seeding Packs

Noë & Associates worked with the team at Humanrace to develop a full range of outer packaging. From seeding packs which were sent to a select group of influencers, the main product outer packs and all refill packs too. The packaging was designed with integrity, using responsible techniques and materials. Simple, honest typography sits well with elegant embossings, line art and textural elements to encourage tactile interaction.

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Ethical Design

At Humanrace, creating products for a better life means constantly working to improve the methods of making them. Humanrace are dedicated to the pursuit of higher quality and greater sustainability in all that they do, challenging industry standards and practices at every stage of the production process. The Humanrace packaging system encourages refilling of skincare products instead of replacing them, helping contribute to a reduction in single-use plastics and packaging waste.

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“Our approach to creating products of value is rooted in the rigorous methods of industrial design and driven by an intense focus on materials, development and craft. Our quality is the result of a thousand small decisions and we work to ensure that every choice we make elevates our product’s function, sustainability and character.”

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The Humanrace ‘Wellbeings’ are a growing community of humans with amazing spirits, inspiring you to push boundaries with ideas, thoughts and routines. Noë & Associates developed a full set of brand guidelines and art direction principles for these collaborators, partners and internal teams to follow and be inspired by. In addition, we created the protocols and content for the social media launch, which has gained 150k+ followers from launch.

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