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Gabellini Sheppard

Simplicity of Form

Gabellini Sheppard Associates is an architecture and interior design practice that concentrates experiential and functional value to create spaces of elevated simplicity. The work of the New York-based firm, founded in 1991, is distinguished by a sculptural finesse of the elements of space, light, and material. Mediating between needs and desires, Gabellini Sheppard Associates designs each environment as a frame through which perception is heightened and the quality of use enhanced. Profound simplicity results from a careful process of editing and layering that intensifies rather than subtracts. This ethos of editing and layering was Noë & Associates’ inspiration behind the new brand identity, typeface and website for the firm.

Scope: Identity, Guidelines, Typeface Design, Stationery Design, Website.
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Gabellini Roman: Custom Typeface and Logo Marque

“Light, air, sound. In every space it is how you embrace those things.”

Michael Gabellini
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Gabellini Roman: Custom Typeface and Monogram

Key components of the brand DNA established for Gabellini Sheppard were purity, humanism, light and openness. The specially developed Gabellini Roman typeface focuses on the modernization of the letterforms of the original ‘Roman Capital Letters’. The Humanistic style of the letters, combined with the elemental geometry of the shapes, creates a balanced language which reflects the Gabellini Sheppard approach. The openness and the lightness were then communicated through both the materiality of all printed materials and the transitions and interactions on the website.

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