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Launching Brickell City Centre

Noë & Associates created the branding, positioning, creative concept and design for Centre Magazine—the magazine for Swire’s flagship mixed-use development in Miami’s Brickell City Centre. A project which is totally revitalising the area with hotels, residences, commercial and retail spaces. Working with our partners at Surface Magazine and Surface Studio, the magazine is the key positioning piece to launch the project in Miami and beyond. A perfect balance of culture, architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle the magazine positions Brickell City Centre as a true curator of taste and what is going on in a very busy Miami market. Centre’s first issue featured four different NASA photographs of the Earth, each with different-coloured foil finishes.

Scope: Magazine Design, Art Direction, Guidelines.

Centre magazine launch
Centre Logotype

“Swire’s aspiration for the magazine is to bring new content to the publishing arena that represents the new Miami—a city at the forefront of the international stage and a leading hub for culture, fashion and glamour.”

Clare Laverty, Swire Properties
A New Vision

Centre Magazine was designed to create a voice in Miami that would cover culture, fashion, art and design in a new, intelligent way—positioning Brickell City Centre at the heart of everything going on. The Centre word marque is always set in Scotch Modern Display, all caps. Naturally, the location of the logotype is horizontally centred to each unique format.

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“The greatest luxury of all that we have in this frenetic digital age is time and space. What better way to explore that idea than through the universe?”

Jennifer Parker, Editor-in-chief
Leah Raintree. After Noguchi.
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Creating the Design

The pacing of the magazine was highly considered with the introduction of very clear section breaks, graphic pauses and a rhythm to the grid and typography. Clear color delineation also guides readers easily through the publication allowing them to dip in and out as suits. Centre takes an unexpected approach to magazine making.

“On every page, we endeavor to present something new to you—something that has inspired us, allowing us to take the next steps in our own pursuit of progress. On a more personal level, I hope you see Centre as I do: a reminder to keep looking up, pushing your limits and creating your own realities.”

Jennifer Parker, Editor-in-chief
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