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The Ten by Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is youth’s most influential creative director. Nike launched their collaboration with Virgil through their new design project—The Ten—at the end of 2017. The 10 shoes are divided into two themes. The first, ‘Revealing’, is designed to look accessible: hand-cut, open-source and reconstructed. And the second, ‘Ghosting’, was designed with translucent uppers to further the idea of revealing and unite the second set of silhouettes through common material. Noë & Associates worked with the Nike team in Oregon to develop the identity and logo system for The Ten, create the inside-out packaging concepts, screen-printed vintage advertising shoe wraps and the brand guidelines for the project.

Scope: Identity, Guidelines, Packaging Design.


Tissue Paper using Nike Archive Material

“What we’re talking about here is larger than sneakers, it’s larger than design culture… It’s nothing short of state-of-the-art design. These 10 shoes have broken barriers in performance and style. To me, they are on the same level as a sculpture of David, or the Mona Lisa. You can debate it all you want, but they mean something. And that’s what’s important.”

Virgil Abloh
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