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70 Vestry

Downtown’s Most Exclusive Building

Noë & Associates created the strategy, branding and all marketing materials for 70 Vestry. Situated in the perfect Tribeca location, 70 Vestry offers once-in-a-generation waterfront homes with Hudson River Park at your door and unobstructed, panoramic river views. Developed by Related Companies, 70 Vestry is designed by the legendary Robert A. M. Stern Architects, with 46 residences of voluminous proportions and gracious layouts. Inside, AD100 designer Daniel Romualdez has created distinctively modern and warm interiors using unique materials and inventive methods.

Scope: Brand Strategy, Identity, Guidelines, Advertising, Literature, Stationery, Renders, Animations, Film, Photography, Art Direction, Copywriting, Sales Gallery Design, Website, Marketing Software, Production.
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Boutique Bag and Custom Leather Clutch
Brand Identity

The crest signifies many things: family, exclusivity, hospitality, craftsmanship. Through the various symbols assembled on a crest, heraldry signifies many inherent values and qualities. Similarly color used in heraldry has very specific meanings. Purple was chosen for its majesty and became one of the most ownable assets of the 70 Vestry brand.

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Printed Literature

“This location has captivated us for many years. As the last remaining undeveloped Tribeca waterfront property with unimpeded Hudson River views, 70 Vestry demanded a carefully considered response.”

Stephen M Ross, Founder and Chairman, Related Companies
Detail and Care
Every element of the 70 Vestry brand is a manifestation of elevated elegance and sophistication—delivering on the inherent quality, craft and singularity of the project. The holistic campaign included a significant online and offline advertising campaign in luxury international outlets; an exquisite marketing suite in Tribeca designed in collaboration with Daniel Romualdez and Property Platform; renders and animations; a documentary film; an immersive website; and an array of refined brand touch points including coffee table books, VR experiences, direct mail, boutique bags and stationery sets.
The overarching purple visual theme radiated through custom dyed leather wallets and bespoke papers, paired with beautiful hand-crafted techniques where appropriate, including engraving, embossings and hand tipped-on details.
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Sales Gallery Design

“Daniel Romualdez creates luxuriously idiosyncratic environments linked only by their supreme level of quality.”

AD 100 Best Interior Designers and Architects, Architectural Digest.
Art Direction

Noë & Associates worked with various teams of image makers to tell the story of craftsmanship, process and neighborhood. Daniel Riera captured the spirit of Tribeca, and Paulo Lucente travelled to the ateliers and sources of many of the materials including the Beaumaniere limestone quarry in Bourgogne, France.

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“Penthouse listed for $65 million… expected to set a new sales record for downtown Manhattan.”

The Wall Street Journal
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